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Ningjin, Shandong, a car parts

來源:English website 發布時間:2016年10月20日
Ningjin * * Auto Parts Co., Ltd., is a Sino US joint venture, the company covers an area of 20 thousand square meters, with a total assets of 13 million 180 thousand yuan. Company is a set of automotive muffler, balance rod, filter and other products of research, development, production, sales in one of the Sino foreign joint ventures. Companies affiliated supporting manufacturers in 11, annual production capacity of 200 thousand units, the main products are car, truck, car three series car muffler and tail cover, a total of more than and 30 varieties, the company has passed ISO9002 quality system certification, the main products sold in the United States, Germany, Denmark, Australia and more than 10 countries and regions. 2002 production and sales of various products 160 thousand sets of muffler, sales revenue 15 million yuan, foreign exchange 1 million 800 thousand u.. The company has self import and export rights, independent operation of import and export trade.
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