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They chose

來源:English website 發布時間:2016年10月20日
The factory was founded in 1985, the existing area of 23 thousand square meters, including construction area of 18 thousand square meters, 40 million yuan in fixed assets. The company has a large frame standard production workshop, machining workshop, assembly workshop, physics laboratory, chemical laboratory and testing X-ray room, welding equipment, advanced testing equipment, is a large enterprise with modern management skills.
We have been working with the company for two years, a few days ago, the company has given us a number of orders, the duration of 5 days, the company immediately arrange production, and today finally scheduled delivery, immediately arrange delivery. Our service and product quality have been highly recognized by the company, and said we will be their long-term partner. From doubt to believe and then to a high degree of recognition, this is a simple process but it is a difficult journey, only the production of high-quality products and provide high-quality service to retain customers, in order to make friends.
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